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A hidden shop full of sustainable goodies and freebies, ONLY accessible to Pigments by Liv subscribers. Here, you’ll be given early access to NEW nature-inspired collections before they’re released into the wild, as well as FREE downloadable resources! 


Each time I add a new collection or freebie I’ll let you know when it’s available via email, all you have to do is click the link to be taken here. Think of it as a thank you for being part of the Pigments by Liv Pod 🙂

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new! | Primate collection

Primate tee


Primate hoodie


primate sweatshirt


orangutan tee


chimpanzee tee


gorilla tee


10% of sales donated to The leaky foundation

The Leakey Foundation’s mission is to increase scientific knowledge, education, and public understanding of human origins, evolution, behavior and survival.

primate art print


primate bottle



As a thank you for being supporting animal conservation, small businesses and the planet!

Join me in celebrating lots of animal days throughout 2021! Don’t miss out on World Whale Day, Darwin’s Birthday or any other important days in the animal conservation calendar.
Animal Celebration Days 2021 Calendar | FREE DOWNLOAD | Pigments by Liv
Mini Shark Prints Pack | Pigments by Liv

Want a FREE mini animal print of your favourite Pigments by Liv nature-inspired design? Simply tag @PigmentsbyLiv in your sustainable goodies on social media and I’ll contact you to send your FREE mini animal print.

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