the sustainable promise

ethical & environmental policy

There’s only one Planet Earth,  and it’s a beautiful one. There is so much to explore on the wonderful planet we are lucky enough to call home. So let’s not be careless and ruin it. Pigments by Liv is committed to creating products that promote animal conservation in an ethical way and has a positive impact on the planet.

sustainable materials

I have chosen the products that the animal designs are printed on very carefully. Pigments by Liv will never create any new plastics. Instead, they are all made of sustainable materials that are durable, recyclable and have a low environmental impact during manufacture. 

The inks used to print the unique animal designs on the garments are water-based. They are OEKO-TEX® approved, meaning they don’t contain any chemicals that can harm our planet. 

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ethical manufacturing

The majority of Pigments by Liv products are manufactured in Bangladesh and India, both these suppliers are leaders in socially responsible and sustainable manufacturing. 

All Pigments by Liv product suppliers comply with the laws and regulations of the country they operate in. Those who are employed by the printers are all paid above the national living wage, regardless of their age or position within the company.

Stella Stanley | Responsible Manufacturing | Pigments by Liv

Zero-waste | made to order

All Pigments by Liv products are made to order to ensure no unnecessary waste is created during the manufacturing process. Choosing this sustainable decision means order processing may take longer than expected and we also cannot accept returns unless the item is faulty.

The printers I use also have their own waste policy. Wasted ink is unavoidable, but they make sure it is disposed of responsibly. They also donate any products that fail quality checks to charity.

Reusable Bottles | Sustainable Stocking Fillers by Small Businesses | Pigments by Liv

plastic-free packaging

All our products are shipped in plastic-free packaging. Garments are shipped in bespoke paper mailing bags that are both compostable and degradable whilst still being weather-resistant.

When more than one item is to be shipped, these are packed into the same bag rather than individual bags to avoid wasting resources and therefore emissions.


10% of sales to charity

We support animal conservation. All our collections are inspired by nature, so it’s only right we give back. Therefore, we donate 10% of sales to specially selected environmental charities.

These charities have each been chosen because of their wonderful work towards preserving the natural world and building it back up to it’s former, pre-industrial glory.

Animal Conservation | Tigers4Ever

tips for sustainable living

Pigments by Liv has made the decision to practice sustainability, but only you can make the decision to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. Although, without the right information this may seem like a difficult and drastic decision, when in reality it doesn’t have to be at all! We are constantly on the look out for new sustainable swaps and top tips making our lives more sustainable and we will always share this with you.

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