9 Sustainable Stocking Fillers by small businesses

Sustainable Stocking Fillers by Small Businesses | Pigments by Liv

It’s been a crazy year, but we’ve finally made it to December! I’m starting to feel festive, and my absolute favourite part of Christmas is opening stockings. Even at 23, feeling the weight of a stocking at the end of the bed still feels magical. This year, as part of an eco-friendly Christmas, I’m on the hunt for some sustainable stocking fillers.

I think stocking fillers are such a wonderful way to support small businesses. Little gifts that mean a lot. So, on Instagram, I asked for you to recommend your favourite small businesses and I got such a lovely response that I had to share it with you. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to send in their replies!

Without further ado, here are 9 sustainable stocking fillers…

1. The Cutest Sustainable Stocking Filler: Crochet Earrings

These crochet earrings are adorable. Handmade by the lovely Alice, the earrings come in all shapes are sizes. Ideal for nature enthusiasts, you can even choose from flowers to mushrooms.

You can buy these knitted creations on Depop for just £6 each! So cute

2. Natural, plastic-free soaps and shampoos from Conchuslife

I am all for plastic-free bath and beauty products. Conchus are an upcoming brand that has some amazing planet-saving projects going on, they even volunteer for the Big Blue Ocean Clean Up. I’m a sucker for a brand on an eco-mission, especially one with a pun.

You can purchase lip balm on their website for just £3.25, but also shampoo bars for £6.50.

Ideal for giving that slightly fragrant loved-one a gentle nudge in the right direction, am I right?

3. Vegan, soy wax candles by OHROS

Made of 100% soy wax, these vegan candles were made by vegan hands so as sustainable stocking fillers go, they tick all the boxes. I love candles, they’re one of these weird objects that I’d never buy for myself but literally can’t have enough of.

OHROS do, however, have a fantastic Christmas range, they even have a figgy pudding scent! I would buy this just for the jar alone. They are very pretty. Each is candle is hand-poured too, so a lot of love goes into every single candle.

You can pick up a figgy pudding candle from their website for £14 … the planet’s worth it though!

4. Hinterlands Beard Oil

Some of the most beautiful packaging and branding I have ever seen; I question whether it’s Christmas all year round at Hinterland. If you like Christmas trees, they have a beard oil called Nordic Mist that’s rumored to smell like a pine forest.

Secretly buy this for your boyfriend, but really, it’s a treat for your nose. For every bottle sold, they will also plant a tree! You get a lot for such a little bottle. There’s such a lovely story behind the brand, a gift that does mean the world.

A bottle of Nordic Mist will cost you £15, check it out on their website.

5. Sustainable stocking fillers from Pigments by Liv

Perfect for animal-lovers, these gifts are completely sustainable. Each design is inspired by nature to give back to nature, so for every purchase, 10% is donated to a specially selected wildlife charity.

From £10.95, you can shop whilst supporting animal conservation.

6. Beautiful bookmarks from Jay the Papersmith

I wonder how many Christmas lists are full of books this year, mine is! Know a book worm? Rather than getting them a book, get them a bookmark that they’ll use every single day of the year! It’s genius – thank me later.

Jay the Paper creates the most gorgeous bookmarks, decorated with beautiful leaf patterns. Jay uses paper from responsibly managed forests and each design is specially crafted to reduce waste. He also creates amazing marine-inspired cards!

You can get a pair of bookmarks for just £8.99 on his Etsy Shop!

7. Ready-made sustainable stocking fillers from Suffolk with Love

We’re all super busy, so it’s not cheating to buy a ready-made stocking. From Suffolk with Love create plastic-free, eco-conscious gift boxes to take the hassle out of stockings. As a fellow Suffolk Swede, I am all for supporting local businesses.

A lovely combination of gifts, each box is all about feeling pampered. They even have a bath box, which of course, includes a chocolate bar as well as a bath bomb. Hand-picked with love by Vicki.

On their website, a mini-box will cost you £14, but that’s all your sustainable stocking fillers sorted!

8. Critically Endangered Socks

If you didn’t receive a pair of socks, did you have a Christmas? If you’re like me, you rely on Christmas to replenish your sock supply for the year, then these socks are perfect.

Made of 80% organic cotton, 10% of each purchase is donated to wildlife conservation charities. It’s my sweet spot, they’re also fabulously stripy and feature an embroidered animal on every pair. They’re also built to last, so maybe next year you won’t need any more socks.

A pair of socks will cost you £12 in their online shop.

9. Prints by LD. Creates

A Derry gal living in the toon, Louise is one of my dear friends from University who also founded their own brand over lockdown. She makes prints and custom prints which are sent in biodegradable packaging.

Christmas is all about joy, and these prints do just that! Quirky seems to be the right word for both the brand and Louise.

All prints are £9 each and you can order them through her Instagram!

Merry Christmas & thanks for looking out for our beautiful planet, 

Pigments by Liv Signature

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