5 important lessons learned from starting a sustainable fashion brand

5 important lessons learned from starting a sustainable fashion brand | The blog | Pigments by Liv

Starting a sustainable fashion brand hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park! Pigments by Liv was a web-development lockdown project that evolved into so much more. I’ve loved every minute of it and am so pleased to reflect on how far we’ve come.

When starting a sustainable fashion brand there was a lot of hard work to do and a lot of lessons to learn. I’ll be completely honest, I’ve made mistakes, but I want to share these with you. Maybe you’ll understand the brand more, realise nobody’s perfect, or even start your own sustainable fashion brand! As long as your inspired to work towards a better world, then this blog’s achieved something.

Lesson 1: keep calm and hug a dalmatian

I didn’t expect it, but I’ve got so emotionally attached to Pigments by Liv. It is so true what they say – “when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance”. Whenever I get an order, I rush around the house to tell all my family! It makes my day, Pigments by Liv is like my baby.

However, these highs aren’t without lows. If I don’t get an order, an Instagram post doesn’t perform as well as I expect it to, or an ad doesn’t convert then I feel so down. I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but I just can’t help myself! I think I also feel like I’m letting down the charities I want Pigments by Liv to support, because after all, they’re the ones making the real difference.

Lesson: when starting a sustainable fashion brand be prepared to get emotionally attached but learn to keep calm and try not to take it too personally!

Lesson 2: success doesn’t happen overnight

Building a successful brand takes time, it doesn’t just happen overnight. Shout out to my friends who slap me on the wrist to remind me of this when I’m thinking about giving up!

Instead, success comes from patience, hard work, and getting stuck in. Only you can drive that success, others will support you, but in the end it’s your brand. Sometimes what seems like hard work isn’t hard for everybody!

For example, I HATE having my photo taken but sometimes there’s nobody around to model the clothes for me. So I have to force myself out from behind the camera and get in front of it. After a bit of practicing in front of the mirror and watching TikTok videos on how to pose, I feel slightly less awkward, but we’re getting there.

Success doesn't happen over night 5 important lessons learned from starting a sustainable fashion brand | Pigments by Liv
Rhino Sweatshirt | Pigments by Liv

Lesson: never expect success just to happen, be prepared to invest your time and work hard to make things work.

Lesson 3: value your friends and family

When I first launched the brand, I never expected to have such support from those around me. People I hadn’t spoken to in over a year were congratulating me and sharing my posts on Facebook and Instagram. I cannot thank these people enough for helping me reach thousands of people from the very beginning.

The love didn’t stop there. If they bought my eco-friendly products, then they were more than happy to shout about them on social media or write an honest review if I asked. They helped me to build trust which I have found is an essential for building a brand.

Lesson: your friends and family want you to succeed. They’ll be more than happy to help, all you have to do is ask!

Lesson 4: YouTube is the ultimate teacher

As I said earlier, Pigments by Liv was originally a web-development project to keep me busy during lock-down during my redundancy. I wanted to build a functional website from scratch with no prior knowledge of coding.

I’m a kinetic learner, so I struggled to read huge blogs on how to build a website, but YouTube was the perfect teacher for me. I dread to think the number of hours I spent following YouTube tutorials, copying each step as I went. I know I still have a lot to learn about web development, but I’ still pretty impressed with what I’ve managed to achieve!

Above is the actual video I first used to build the Pigments by Liv website. Unless you plan on developing your own site, I wouldn’t bother watching it! I just want to show you how lucky we are to have all this free information readily available to us.
Lesson: you have all the information you, just be prepared to put the time and effort in to understand it.

Lesson 5: sustainability is more than just a label

Since starting a sustainable fashion brand my understanding of what it truly means to be sustainable has grown alongside Pigments by Liv. I’ve always been inspired by nature, but it took a while to get to a place where I could give back to nature.

Learning about sustainability and specifically nature conservation and fast fashion has made me change as a person. I practice what I preach. Before Pigments by Liv, I made conscious changes to my diet, but I wasn’t averse to buying the odd item from ASOS.

Working alongside environmental charities has helped me to understand the damage being unsustainable causes, so now I have completely changed my habits.

For example, in the past couple of months, I’ve only bought clothing from sustainable brands or second-hand through Depop, Charity Shops, or eBay. I feel like I appreciate the clothes I buy a lot more so want to take proper care of them so they last a lot longer. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to share my charity shop finds below!

Sustainable is more than just a label | 5 important lessons learned from starting a sustainable fashion brand | Pigments by Liv
Sustainable is more than just a label | 5 important lessons learned from starting a sustainable fashion brand | Pigments by Liv
Sustainable is more than just a label | 5 important lessons learned from starting a sustainable fashion brand | Pigments by Liv
Lesson: sustainability isn’t just a label to be used as a marketing ploy. To build a sustainable brand you must understand why it’s important, make conscious changes to your lifestyle before integrating it into your brand.

That’s just five of the many lessons I’ve learned since starting a sustainable fashion brand. I’ve made lots of mistakes, but hopefully, if I can continue to learn from them, the future is bright for Pigments by Liv as well as the planet!

‘Til next time!



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