Get to know the founder of pigments by liv

Get to know the founder of Pigments by Liv | Pigments by Liv
Earlier this week, I asked you lovely people what you wanted to know about me and the brand. You came up with some great questions – you asked, so I answered. Here’s some things you might not have known about me, Liv – the founder of Pigments by Liv.

What is your favourite animal?

This was the most popular question, and such a hard one to answer! I challenge you to choose your favourite animal when there are so many amazing creatures out there. I gave up, so instead I am going to share my top three favourite animals. FYI these are not in order!

1. Polar bears

Ever since I was little, I have been head over heels for big white bears that live in the snow. As I’ve got older, I have developed a deep respect for polar bears. To be the biggest land carnivore is one thing, but to live in one of the most inhabitable places on our planet is another!

I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a Pigments by Liv Polar Bear collection yet. I think I’m just trying to must up the courage to paint something that’s all white and therefore quite difficult to colour or shade. Might have to do a little family of these bears though – we’ll see.

Favourite Animal | Get to know the founder of Pigments by Liv | Pigments by Liv

2. Greenland Sharks

Sharks literally have me in awe. It’s so hard to describe, like these creatures absolutely terrify me to my core, but what I wouldn’t give to see one in the wild. They have a cold prehistoric stare that would make me freeze.

Not the most well-known, but my favourite species might just be a Greenland Shark. I’m in love with the idea that we know very little about these creatures. Yet, Greenland sharks that have literally seen it all – they also think they don’t reach sexual maturity until 150 years old!!

3. Clouded Leopard

I love all types of cats, especially my rescue cat, Jynx. I first saw Clouded Leopards whilst watching that program, Roar, on CBBC and am still besotted by how utterly adorable these cats are. I have since learned; these jungle cats are modern-day sabre-tooths – they have the largest canines in proportion to body size.

Sadly, I am not the only one who thinks they’re cute. They are poached for their teeth and pelts, but they also suffer from the same problems as many other species of wild cats – habitat loss and human conflict. The conservation efforts for the Clouded Leopard is nowhere near that of Tigers or Lions, simply because it is lesser-known. I think there definitely needs to be a Clouded Leopard collection soon!

what's your favourite nature documentary

Can I say Walking with Dinosaurs? If not, probably the original Blue Planet documentary series, narrated by David Attenborough for the BBC. This was the first documentary that sparked my fascination with the animal kingdom.

I remember beinging given the DVD boxset; I still have it now, albeit its covered in sticky fingers and scratches from the number of times I’ve watched it! A lot of the information is probably completely out of date, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Favourite nature documentary Get to know the founder of Pigments by Liv | Pigments by Liv

What animal do you think needs more conservation efforts?

These questions aren’t getting any easier!! In my opinion, I wouldn’t say one animal deserves more efforts than others. Although, I do believe there are animals that have really felt the impact of humanity and therefore need more help than others – which is sadly what animal conservation has come to.


Within this group of animals, I also feel that any species that isn’t cute, easy to relate to or quirky tends to be overlooked. Which results in a lack of funding from both the public and corporations.

Crocodiles are sadly a victim of this evolutionary disadvantage. Crocodiles aren’t cute, and they have received a pretty bad reputation by the media, as a result, 7/23 species of crocodilian are critically endangered. I recently searched for crocodile conservation charities and couldn’t find one outside of Steve Irwin’s charity. I think the entire Crocodilian family needs greater conservation efforts!

The importance of raising awareness in animal conservation

Some animals have overcome this in time, for example, a lot less people cared about whale conservation until they realised they could sing! A more recent example is Sloths, before nobody heard of them, but since a sloth appeared in The Croods, everyone’s spirit animal is a sloth.

If it were up to me, Disney Pixar and DreamWorks would be on the panel of the WWF. That way, each new animated film could feature at least one critically endangered species. It just goes to show the importance of raising awareness when it comes to animal conservation. Greater awareness means more donations and political pressure, which leads to conservation action.

When you wear Pigments by Liv clothing you are raising awareness of animals that need greater conservation efforts. Which is why, in the future, you’ll be seeing a lot more unique and original animal collections – such as the new Pangolin collection, launching next week!

Shark Sweatshirt | Stop Shark Finning | Pigments by Liv
Sky Blue Limited Edition Tiger Sweatshirt | Pigments by Liv

Favourite random animal fact I've discovered since becoming the founder of Pigments by Liv

What a great question to finish on! Ahh, I’ve discovered so many great facts since starting Pigments by Liv, it’s hard to choose a favourite. Unfortunately, many of them go in one ear and out the other, but there is one that sticks…

Did you know that sharks are older than trees?

Thanks for caring about our home and all the amazing animals we get to share it with. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me, the founder of Pigments by Liv.

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