Summer Reading: 4 diverse books for cat lovers

Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv

For those who know me well, they’ll tell you that I am destined to be a crazy cat lady. I can’t deny it, it’s a path I’ve been treading all my life. So if you’re enjoying the sunshine in the UK or abroad I want to share 4 diverse books for cat lovers that make for perfect summer reading.

I worry I’m about to lose half my customers when I tell you I’m more of a cat person than a dog person, but we are all honest here. I am not just talking about domestic cats like I’d 100% want to be pals with a tiger than a wolf. Sorry canine fans.

There’s something quite terrifying about how these friendly felines are serial killers. Our cat rescue Jynx has brought back all manner of presents for us, mice, moles and even a pigeon. My previous cat, Izzy, managed to wrap her paws around a kingfisher once. I think this is much more impressive than fetching a ball.

Jynx | Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv

Although, it would be nice if cats ever did as they were told…

Nope. I would still rather curl up with a cat than a dog whilst reading a book. Dogs are much less comfortable to have on your lap than a kitty, especially those Great Danes. I’ll let us agree to disagree…

4 Diverse Books for Cat Lovers

Over the years I have thrown myself into several cat books. From Six Dinner Sid, an absolute childhood classic I must say, to more recently The Hungry Tide. I would, therefore, say, I am a little bit of an expert on moggy books.

So, I’ve put together this list for my fellow feline companions. However, I’ve tried to stay clear of better-known feline books such as A Street Cat Named Bob, because a lot of people are trying to diversify their bookshelves at the moment.

I am by no means a professional book critic, but I do like cats. So here’s my take on 4 diverse books for cat lovers:

1. The Hungry Tide

Author: Amitav Ghosh

Good Reads: 3.96

I did not expect to like this book as much as I did, saying that, I had no idea what to expect when I opened it. When it comes to Asia, I have always thought that the South-East interested me the most. However, after reading this book as well as the Life of Pi, I think my literary tastes say differently.

I would say this book is a must-read for any conservationist. The Hungry Tide deals with the growing chasm between educated societies and those nestled deep in the mangroves of Sundarbans, India.

The Hungry Tide | Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv

Being from the UK, reading this book gifted me a new perspective. In Sundarban, Tigers are still considered Man-Eaters, whereas in western society they are an endangered species that needs to be protected. When it comes to animal conservation, we are so distanced from the actual people impacted by this change that they are often overlooked.

As well as other socioeconomic issues, the book contests whether we value our fellow man more than wild animals. It’s an interesting question, whether humans are superior to all animals. One that can be met with thousands of philosophical arguments, especially when it comes to culture or religion.

2. Lionboy

Author: Zizou Corder

Good Reads: 3.83

If you love an adventure then this trilogy has your name written all over it. A young boy has the gift of being able to speak to cats, but it’s much more exciting than that. Throw in running away with the circus, a pride of Lions and a man-hunt in Paris.
Lionboy | Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv

I read this book when I was a lot younger but I still get excited talking about it. If it came out in the cinema, I would still be there. However, I wouldn’t re-read it as an adult. I think sometimes it’s best to leave some books in the past or risk ruining it.

Considering it was published in 2003, it takes a surprisingly modern perspective. The characters and the way the story is told reminds me of C.S. Lewis, but that might just be an overlap between the Lions and Aslan.

3. Life of Pi

Author: Yann Martel

Good Reads: 3.91

I spoke about this book on our Instagram account last week for World Tiger Day. This book is one of my all-time favourite reads. I have also seen the film, and although I think the film is magical, it simply doesn’t compare to the enchantment Yann Martel captures in the book.

I must enjoy tangling with religion and spirituality when reading because this is what I think makes the book stand out just a little bit more than the film. The book also poses the question of whether the animals were real or just Pi decompartmentalising what happened to his family on the raft? This is a question that would be far too morbid to visit in-depth during the film.

Based on this theory, Richard Parker, the magnificent tamed tiger who appears to return to his wild roots throughout the story is the manifestation of Pi himself. If you love tigers, this is an exciting overlap because it begins to remove the barriers between humans and animals, what’s real and what’s not.

Life of Pi | Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv
I think whether you prefer the book or the film depends on your level of imagination. The film does a really good job of creating a great mystery, but human imagination has no limits. Martel wants us to question what’s just our imagination and what is relative. For me, only the book makes this possible.

4. Warrior Cats

Author: Erin Hunter

Good Reads: 4.7

If you want to lose yourself in a world of cats, then the Warrior Cats saga is a must-read for you. Completely immerse yourself into complete cat culture. Like human societies, there are different clans with completely different cultures, a complex religion and even a formal education system.
Warriors | Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv

Erin Hunter has managed to build an entirely new world, and the best part is that it takes place right under our noses. They even have their own terminologies for human civilisation, such as Two-Legs (Humans), Thunderpaths (Roads) and Kittypets (domesticated cats). It’s no surprise this series has built up a huge fan-base.

Like any good fictional series, there are conflicts between heroes and villains. I fell in love with these characters when I was 11 and followed them until I was at least 16 years old. I miss them a lot now and revisiting them I am tempted to re-read the entire series. I imagine it would only take me a week nowadays.

So there we have it, four diverse books for cat lovers this summer. Are there books you think should be on this list? Let me know because I’m always looking for new reads!

Love big cats? Keep your eyes peeled for a new big cat collection coming your way!

Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv

‘Til next time!



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