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For a Wednesday, today is a very exciting day as we launch a brand-new collection, the Tiger Collection! This Tiger drawing has been left idle in my sketchbook for over four years, so I am super excited to give it the higher purpose of giving back to nature. So, a big welcome please for The Tiger Collection, the second pencil drawing to make it to the Pigments by Liv store.

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Inspired by Nature to give back to Nature.

This new collection is certainly one of the most unique collections we have launched to-date, and it is the most original because of you guys. We put three different Tiger designs to a vote on our Facebook and Instagram stories and 44% of you voted for Design C. Thus, The Kyoto Protocol Tiger Design was born! (You gotta give the people want they want, ya know!)

the initial tiger design concepts:

Design A | Behind the Tiger Collection | Pigments by Liv
Design C | Behind the Tiger Collection | Pigments by Liv

The results:

Instagram Results | Behind the Tiger Collection | Pigments by Liv
Facebook Results | Behind the Tiger Collection | Pigments by Liv

what is the kyoto protocol

The Kyoto Protocol  was agreed in 1997 by the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC). The agreement bound industrialised countries to reduce their contribution to green house gases through various strategies such as reducing deforestation. Hurrah!

However, due to global superpowers, such as the USA, pulling out of the agreement for political and economic reasons the protocol was deemed a failure. However, it did pave the way for the eagerly awaited Paris Climate Agreement where all countries are required to participate.

what does the kyoto protocol have to do with the tiger collection?

Okay, so now we know what the Kyoto Protocol is, how on earth did it end up on the Tiger design? Well, it’s kind of a funny story involving a massive eco-nerd moment by yours truly.

About a year ago I was having a nose in the shops when I found this cute t-shirt embroidered with “Les Tigres”, a Tiger illustration and “Kyoto 1998” printed on it. Immediately, I thought it was cool because I just assumed by “Kyoto” they meant the environmental treaty Kyoto Protocol.

OH BOY, WAS I WRONG. A year or so later, I’ve just found out that Le Tigre is a band who were formed in 1998. So, either the top is actually a band tee or they’ve used the year when the US signed the protocol, 1998 or it’s a Mexican Football Team.

Who knows…

Regardless, the seed was planted. The Kyoto Protocols pact on reducing climate change and preventing deforestation will have had an impact on the world’s Tiger population. Therefore, only those that know about the Kyoto Protocol will understand the true meaning behind the Tiger Design. By wearing it we can remind those around us to raise awareness and commit to reversing climate change. Sustainability meets style.

The Inspiration behind The Tiger Collection

Let’s back track four years ago, what actually inspired me to draw the tiger that ended up being the star of the Tiger Collection? At the time I was reading a very well-known book called  Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

This is such an amazing book, and the film is a pleasure to watch too, but the book is something else. Throughout the entire story we are asked to question what reality is, how it is morphed by relativity and therefore what even is religion? If you have a wild imagination, I beg you not to limit yourself to just the film, but instead lose yourself in the elusive pages of Yann Martel’s mysterious novel.
Life of Pi | Summer Reading: 4 Books for Cat Lovers | Pigments by Liv
I’m not sure if it was because I was being held captive by second year uni exams, or the book itself, but I felt deeply moved by The Life of Pi. I have always said that the best books change you, and I like to document this change through a paintbrush or pencil. Thus, I was inspired to draw Richard Parker.

Who is richard parker?

Richard Parker is not a person. Richard Parker is the Bengal Tiger that ends up on the Lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with Pi. He is a curious cat and already I can hear you asking questions. Why didn’t he eat Pi?
Supposedly, this Tiger has vision and can understand Pi is resourceful and will keep bringing him food as long as he does not eat him. Another answer is that Richard Parker is the embodiment of Pi himself, but I do not want to spoil the book for you.

Partnering with tigers4ever

With Richard Parker being the inspiration behind the Tiger design, it was only right to find a charity that protects the future of Bengal Tigers. Therefore, 10% of profits based on sales of garments and tote bags from the Tiger collection are donated to Tigers4Ever.

Tigers4Ever | Tiger Collection | Pigments by Liv

Tigers4Ever are a small UK charity that focuses on the protection of Bengal tigers in the Bandhavgarh National park. Their projects include anti-poaching patrols, the creation of water holes and educating local communities.

“Our ultimate goal is to protect wild tigers from extinction by eliminating tiger deaths due to poaching, poisoning or retaliatory attacks. With India home to approximately 70% of all remaining wild tigers it is vital we protect their populations for generations to come.”

In truth, they’re a really lovely group of people giving their time to a critical cause that many of us aren’t even aware of yet. Keep your eyes peeled for future collaborations between Pigments by Liv and Tigers4Ever! I hope you all enjoy the Tiger Collection as much as I enjoyed making it with you.

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‘Til next time!



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