What’s so special about an Elephant? Behind the Elephant Collection

A4 Elephant Art Print | Pigments by Liv

After so many requests from you guys, I gave in and earlier this week launched the BRAND-NEW Elephant collection! All these requests got me thinking “what’s so special about an elephant?”. Turns out, they’re pretty special and play an important part in conservation.


Sky Blue Elephant Sweatshirt | Pigments by Liv
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Learning How to Draw Elephants

This was my first question after realising an Elephant Collection was inevitable! I had never drawn an elephant before and there’s nothing in the world that even looks similar to an Elephant… so I decided to draw two at the same time.

Trusting Elephant Anatomy

Elephant anatomy, even after finishing the drawing, completely boggles me. When it comes to art, and especially shading, I have always found that it’s best to draw what you see, not what you think it should look like. It’s almost like a trust exercise!
What's so special about an Elephant? Behind the Elephant Collection
What's so special about an Elephant? Behind the Elephant Collection
I feel like this is particularly true for elephants. They’re just like us, individuals. Each elephant seems to have different bobbly bits, wrinkles in strange places and even the way they move seems to be unique. I remember shading and wondering why a certain bit was so dark, but it wasn’t until I stepped back that I understood that is was all part of the bigger picture.
What's so special about an Elephant? Behind the Elephant Collection

If I’m being completely honest with you, I was so incredibly nervous to launch this new collection. I think it was because I had been asked to draw elephants so many times, I just wanted to do them justice. I did often wonder what’s so special about an elephant, but after spending so much time studying them, I think I finally understand. Maybe next year I’ll do an Asian Elephant to match?

The Importance of Elephant Conservation

According to the WWF, it is estimated that between 40,000 – 50,000 Asian Elephants and 415,00 African Elephants remain in the wild. Why are elephants endangered? It is well-know that because of human-greed elephants have long been hunted for their ivory tusks. Despite an international ban on Ivory Trade, its value on the black market is only increasing. 

If you ask me, nobody will ever wear ivory better than Elephants.

What’s so special about an Elephant?

Why do we need to help protect these beautiful creatures? Like all animals in the eco-system, Elephants have an important role to play. If you’ve ever seen Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, Elephants are seen as mythical, god-like creatures. For example, it is said they carved out the rivers.

Despite being a legend, Elephants do dig for water using their tusks during drought. By doing so, they give other animals access to water during these tough times. In the forest, when elephants eat they create gaps in the vegetation which lets new plants grow. Finally, many plants depend solely on elephants to spread their seeds through their dung. Without Elephants, many other species would suffer too.

What’s going on in the world of Elephant Conservation

Despite all the doom and gloom in the world, thanks to heavy rainfall, there was an Elephant Baby Boom in Kenya this summer! This is particularly fantastic news, as an Elephants’s ability to conceive depends heavily on her physical condition. With so much tasty vegetation to munch on, even two pairs of twins have been born.
What's so special about an Elephant? Behind the Elephant Collection

However, this good news followed some very sad news. It is thought that 350 elephants died in Botswana between May and June this year. Scientists in Zimbabwe think it is a result of ingesting high levels of a neurotoxin produced by algae found in the watering holes. Although it’s not conclusive, they believe climate change has helped this type of algae to flourish and produce abnormally high levels of the toxin.

It’s been pretty up and down in the world of elephant conservation right now. More than ever, we need to support those working in the field, which is why I decided to listen to you all, and launch an Elephant Collection.

How can we help save elephant conservation?

Like all Pigments by Liv collections, this collection was inspired by nature to give back to nature. Therefore, 10% of profits based on the volume of sales from the elephant collection will be donated to the Tsavo Trust. By shopping the collection, you will be helping to save the elephants.

About the Tsavo Trust

“Tsavo Trust is an action orientated, field-based, Kenyan not-for-profit conservation organisation that works to give the wildlife and people of Tsavo the right to a future.”

Tsavo Trust

Why the Tsavo Trust?

When I am looking for a charity to pair a collection with, I want to be certain that the funds raised by the collection always go back to the protection and conservation of the animal that inspired it. That’s what I mean when I say “Inspired by nature to give back to nature.”

Although the Tsavo Trust works tirelessly to protect all the wildlife found in Tsavo, I found their logo to be very inspiring. It pictures a super-tusker. A super-tusker is an elephant that’s tusks weigh more than 100lb each. In the animal kingdom, they are royalty, considered to be very wise, and treated with the utmost respect.

Super-tuskers are the very symbol of elephants and until long it’s thought they were completely wiped out by poaching. However, 25 super-tuskers have been discovered to roam throughout Africa and 14/25 reside in Tsavo. It is these elephants that inspired the myths about elephants that I have grown to love, which is why I decided the Pigments by Liv Elephant Collection needed to support them to support the Elephants.


Reusable Elephant Water Bottle | Pigments by Liv
Grey Recycled Elephant Tote Bag | Pigments by Liv

‘Til next time!



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