Bamera, the alpha who inspired a tiger charity and a collection

Meet Bamera, the alpha who inspired a tiger charity and a collection | Pigments by Liv

You may have heard whispers there’s a new tiger design on the horizon, but what’s so special about this one? This collection is unique because of the Tiger Charity it supports and was inspired by one of the very tigers that prowled across the Bandhavgarh Nationa Park, India. The collection will donate 15% of sales to Tigers4Ever.

In the park, there are only 125 wild tigers left, so there will be only 125 items in the new limited-edition Tiger collection. Just like the tigers in the reserve, once they’re gone, they’re gone. The collection will be released via email 24hrs before it’s released to the general public. Don’t miss out!

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How Bamera inspired a Tiger Charity

Corinne and David Taylor-Smith, two of the co-founders of Tigers4Ever, will always remember Bamera as the tiger that changed their lives as the “Beautiful Boy of Bandhavgarh”. They first saw him in 2007, basking in the early morning sunlight at the side of a road. At just 22 months, Bamera, had captured their hearts forever.

They could not return to England and leave the tiger’s fate to chance, they needed to save their Beautiful Boy of Bandhavgarh and the other tigers in the reserve. So, they founded and secured the fate of so many. So who is this formidable tiger?

Meet Bamera, Alpha Tiger

Bamera is a real Bengal tiger, whose territory lay in the wilderness of the Bandhavgarh National Park. As one the largest Alphas the park had ever seen, he grew to a massive 300kgs of pure muscle and patrolled one of the largest territories known to be secured by a wild tiger.

This remarkable tiger even became a legend among the locals, who nicknamed him Shashi, which is the Hindi word for “wanders like the moon”. A nickname that greatly influenced the design and colour palette used in the creation of the limited-edition Tiger collection.

Shashi aka Bamera | Meet Bamera, the alpha who inspired a tiger charity and a collection | Pigments by Liv

A Royal Heritage

Bamera was born in 2005 in a litter of four cubs, two male, and two females. The litter was sired by none other than B2, dubbed “the most famous wild predators in the world”. B2 was known as a $20 million tiger because of the amount of income he brought to the park.

He was the alpha male of Bandhavgarh for the best part of 10 years, only to be overthrown by his very son, Bamera. This territorial dispute lasted for over three years until Bamera finally claimed his crown in 2011. Although it sounds sad, this is the way of the jungle and both Bamera and B2 have passed on their strong genes.

Territorial disuptes

As an Alpha Tiger with huge territory and therefore lots of females, Bamera frequently ran into territorial disputes with other male tigers, including his sons. The prominent scar he earned on his face was given to him by the Langdhi male, his son and eventual successor.

Meet Bamera, the alpha who inspired a tiger charity and a collection | Pigments by Liv

Bamera’s dynasty continues protected by A Tiger Charity

In 2009, Bamera became a father for the first time with a Siddhababa female. When the cubs were just 15 months old, their mother was killed by Kankati, in a territorial face-off. At such a young age, the cubs were unable to defend themselves. Luckily, Bamera was a dedicated father.

Parental care of orphaned offspring by male tigers is rarely seen. However, Bamera was often seen sharing his prey with the cubs. The irony is that one of these cubs included the  Langdhi male, Bamera’s son, downfall, and successor. However, Bamera’s strong commitment to his legacy was what made him such a monumental tiger.

Bamera's legacy:

Bamera lives on in his many sons and daughters, including:
The Langdhi male and Kithauli female (from Bamera’s mating with the
Siddhababa tigress).

  • The Banvai triplets (2 males- including the Arharia male and 1 female-the Banvai Bacchii).
  • The young sub-adult Banvai male (from the last litter of the Banvai female).
  • The Kankati cubs (a male and female survived from the first litter of the Kankati tigress and a female survived from the second litter, although the female from the last litter was recently moved to another tiger reserve to avoid inbreeding).
  • The Mahaman cubs (four males and three females from two litters)
  • The Panpatha cubs (three litters, 4 surviving males and 3 females)
  • The Rajbehra cubs (1st litter – 3 females including Solo and Kankati II plus one male; 2nd litter – 3 males and one female).
  • The Mirchiani cubs – (two surviving males from the first litter of four; and 2 females and 1 male from the second litter of 3).
  • The Mirchiani Bacchii cubs – (2 males and 1 female from her 1st litter)
  • The Kithauli cubs – (2 males from the first litter and 2 females plus a male from the second letter).
  • The Banvai Bacchii cubs – (1 male and 1 female from her first litter).
  • The Bamera cubs – (2 surviving male sub-adults from a litter of 4).

You can actually follow one of Bamera’s cubs on social media! Make sure to check out Shashi’s page: @shashi_the_tiger

An encounter with David Attenborough himself

If you would like to see some of Bamera’s cubs, you need not venture further from your TV. Do you remember the BBC documentary narrated by David Attenborough, Dynasty? Episode five stars Bamera and Rajbehra’s second litter, of three males and one female – Biba.

25 minutes in, you’ll even join Biba in encountering her father, Bamera himself, at the watering hole!

A sneak peek of the limited-edition Tiger collection

Bamera’s legacy, the wild tigers living in the Bandhavgarh National Park, still isn’t secure. The pressures caused by the pandemic has already resulted in the deaths of a mother and her cubs through carcass poisoning. Tigers4Ever needs our help to support the tigers and maintain the biodiversity within Bandhavgarh.

That’s why 15% of sales of the limited-edition tiger design will be donated to this tiger charity. Remember, there will only be 125 items sold. Excited to play your part? Here’s a sneak peek into the collection:

Meet Bamera, the alpha who inspired a tiger charity and a collection | Pigments by Liv
Meet Bamera, the alpha who inspired a tiger charity and a collection | Pigments by Liv

Thanks for looking out for our beautiful planet, 

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