9 Autumn Outfit Ideas perfect for Sustainable Fashion

Autumn outfit ideas | Sustainable Fashion | Pigments by Liv

I haven’t done a sustainable fashion blog in a while, so it’s high time I shared some Autumn outfit ideas! Although, as I’m writing this blog it’s ridiculously hot outside, I am looking forward to seeing the leaves start to change colour. All these outfit ideas have been specially chosen as you can easily pick up a lot of these pieces in your local charity shop, from sustainable brands, such as Pigments by Liv, or you most likely already have them in your wardrobe!

I’ve been hunting through Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok looking for inspiration. I can safely say that this 90s fashion trend with a hint of grunge is here to stay. To recreate these autumn outfit ideas, I would recommend that you start to practice layering but also think about raiding your Grandma and Grandpa’s wardrobes for some knitwear!

I know sustainable fashion is about slowing your wardrobe down, but there are so many ways to have fun and experiment with the latest fashion trends without hurting the planet. In a nutshell, sustainable clothing should be made of sustainable materials, preloved or recycled, and durable. For more tips on how to shop sustainably check out this previous blog.

So, without further ado, here’s 10 different autumn outfit ideas that you can recreate using your sustainable wardrobe:

1. Styling Granny Cardigans and other ugly knits

This autumn’s all about cardigans. Over summer we saw people wearing cute, cropped cardigans as a top, the extra layer makes it the perfect trend to carry on into winter. Whether it’s done up over a graphic tee or just one button over a crop top, tucked in or not, there are lots of ways to style a cardigan.
Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv
Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv

I picked up this grey knitted cardigan from the British Heart Foundation Shop in Woodbridge last week for just £3.50. Not something I would usually go for, but I just love the detail in the sleeves and at the bottom. The brand, Berkertex, is vintage too – so double win!

The best thing about this trend is that charity shops are full to the brim with preloved knitwear items, so you can easily pick one up without adding any new plastics into the world. When it comes to this trend, finding unique pieces that express your individuality is the way to go. I’ve seen girls wearing bright pink knitted jumpers, oversized beige sweater vests as well as thick cardigans! This makes knitwear one of the most perfect autumn outfit ideas.

2. The classic oversized graphic tee

This is such a classic trend so it’s no wonder graphic tees have made it into my top 10 autumn outfit ideas. Graphic tees are such a wardrobe staple, the only thing that ever changes about them is the way you wear them e.g. oversized, tied up or tucked in, etc. To nail this 90s trend, I would go a couple of sizes up when choosing a graphic tee.

Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv

Check out the Pigments by Liv Shop to discover lots of unisex nature-inspired graphic trees. Made of 100% combed organic cotton and printed using eco-friendly inks, these tees are not only stylish but are also sustainable and made to last. Sales of these graphic t-shirts raised donations for various animal charities.

3. Layering flannels shirts

I love love, love flannel shirts. Whenever I come across a vintage shop I head straight for the cheesecloth, I’m so glad these are making a comeback. You can pick up a flannel shirt in basically any vintage shop or the men’s section in a charity shop.

They always add a little bit of grunge to an outfit. I’ve seen people wearing them as a light jacket, or more interestingly as an extra layer between a hoodie and a jacket. This is such an easy way to spice up an outfit by injecting just a little bit of colour or pattern.

Layering flannels | Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv
Layering flannels | Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv

I picked up this green, white and black flannel shirt from Spitalfields Market over five years ago for a tenner, and it’s still going strong! Looking at the label, it’s from WindRiver so it’s made to “endure the Canadian elements” – no wonder it’s lasted so well.

4. Jumpers and dungarees or pinafores

If you haven’t already noticed, wearing my corduroy dungarees makes me so happy and I’m literally over the moon that they fit so well into the 90s trend. I remember spending the last of my student loan on them, but I have no regrets.

I had to have them fixed this summer, after four years of love, they were wearing a bit thin between the legs. It’s much more eco-friendly to have them fixed rather than replaced anyway! If you don’t own a pair, I know Lucy and Yak do some amazing sustainable dungarees.

To make the 90s dungaree trend into one of the best autumn outfit ideas, simply wear a cosy sweatshirt underneath. Alternatively, if you feel like your drowning in fabric, swap out your dungarees for a cute pinafore. You can also wear either of these outfits with a pair of chunky boots for extra warmth, but also more of a grunge look.

Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv
Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv

All Pigments by Liv Sweatshirts are made with 85% organic combed cotton and 15% recycled polyester, so they’re super soft and cosy but also eco-friendly. Sales of all Pigments by Liv sweatshirts help raise funds for wildlife charities too!

5. Layering a turtleneck under a button-down shirt or graphic tee

I’ve seen more and more people sporting the turtleneck under a graphic tee outfit and I think the extra layer is going to be perfect for the colder months. You can definitely pick up a turtleneck in most charity shops if you haven’t already got one. Channel your inner Stranger Things and try mixing and matching patterns and colours!

Layering a turtleneck under a button-down shirt seems a bit of a rogue one for the autumn outfit ideas and more 70s style than 90s, but I wanted to give it a try. It’s certainly an easy way to achieve a more sophisticated look, and I’ve picked up so many wild shirts from charity shops over the years it seems crazy not to! If we ever go back into the office again, I will 100% be wearing this.

Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv
Autumn outfit ideas | Pigments by Liv

So there are 9 autumn outfit ideas perfect that fit perfectly into sustainable fashion. If you try out any of these ideas, I’d love to see your unique twists so make sure to tag us on Instagram!

‘Til next time!



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