7 animal Bedroom Ideas for your Home

Animal Bedroom Ideas for your Home | Pigments by Liv

Anyone else finding themselves spending more and more time at home in their bedroom? Maybe it’s because the winter weather has me buried under a duvet, and I’d rather read a good book than venture out into the cold. Either way, it would be nice to make it into a cosy den, so I’ve found 7 animal bedroom ideas to help you revamp your hibernation hole!

Let’s face it, we all wish we were falling asleep in a hut, in the savannah surrounded by elephants, or next to a troop of Gorillas in the mountains. For now, we’ll have to make do with dreaming that we’re there. But, we can transform our bedrooms into the very wild paradise we dream of.

The problem with animal-themed décor is there’s always the risk of turning your beautiful adult bedroom into a nursery. It can’t be helped that cute animals are a favourite of parents, it’s important we all learn about animals, so who can blame them?

I have put together a list of 7 animal bedroom ideas. Ideas that are subtle enough that it makes you happy, knowing your home is full of your favourite species but doesn’t feel like you’ve walked into a jungle! I think they’re quite fun.

1. Books!!

I’m going to start with my new favourite zero budget, decorating hack: books. I have soo many old plant and animal encyclopedias that I really don’t know what to do with. Until I watched this YouTube video which said, why not use them as décor?

If you take the protective cover from older books, they often have such beautiful spines. Stack a few and a lamp on top and you have yourself a decorative book corner. If you have any of the penguin special edition books, they have amazing ivy crawling up the side of them – perfect for a nature-inspired home!

Books | Animal Bedroom Ideas for your Home | Pigments by Liv

2. Animal bedroom ideas: Moss rugs

Alexandra Kehayoglou is an Argentinian artist and creates the most breath-taking rugs. I am sure these are a bit over budget for most of us, but if you ever stumble across something similar, grab it! She creates moss rugs.
How beautiful are they? When I first saw these rugs, I thought they had genuinely created moss carpet indoors, but they are actually man-made. They look so soft. Could you imagine standing on these each morning, when you get out of bed? They would be so soft on your feet!

3. Animal lamps

Animal lamps are the perfect animal bedroom idea because they are everywhere! I found this beautiful tiger lamp in TK Max whilst I was still at university. Although I couldn’t really afford to be spending money on a lamp, I fell in love and bought it anyway. No regrets.
Lamps | Animal Bedroom Ideas for your Home | Pigments by Liv
There are so many lamps to choose from too! Like me, you could hunt for a simple light with an animal printed lampshade. Alternatively, you can look for these more expensive, art-like pieces that feature the animals themselves. This little rabbit lamp makes me laugh every time, looks like he’s hiding! Reminds me of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland!

4. Cute animal bedroom bookends

I’ve seen soo many bookends in charity shops, so there must be lots of animal ones out there. These a such a lovely and subtle addition to any bedroom. Plus, they’re functional rather than just decorative.
If you’re like me, you’ll have lots of books, and none of them deserve to be put away in a dark box in the garage. They should be all proudly put-on display! This is why bookends are a great animal bedroom idea.

5. Animal themed planters

If you want to feel like you’re sleeping under the stars in a jungle, you probably already have a substantial number of plants. Plants are cool, but they need planters so the soil doesn’t consume your bedroom (you could start growing your own moss rug then!).

There are so many inexpensive and cute animal planters out there that could add a touch of the wild side to your room. You can support a lot of small businesses, all of them have such different styles. They’re particularly perfect for giving a home to your tiny succulents. Here’s a couple of my favourites…

6. Animal Art Prints

The artwork you choose to put up in your bedroom can really help to differentiate it from a nursery, it’s also a wonderful way to express yourself! I have so many animal art prints to choose from, all for less than a tenner.

Pick your favourite and give it a new home, the perfect animal bedroom idea. 10% of every print is donated to a wildlife charity, so you can sleep easy knowing you’ve supported the planet and its beautiful animals.

Fox Art Print | Watercolour A4 Matte | Pigments by Liv
A4 Elephant Art Print | Pigments by Liv

7. Animal bedroom ideas for your door

Finally, who knew there were so many ways you could spice up a door? Here are a couple of animal bedroom ideas specifically for your bedroom door. Go wild!


Surprisingly, there are several animal-shaped door hinges out there. If you have a white door these will be super striking but still nice and subtle. This bear one is especially cute…

Nature inspired door handles

Who says fancy door handles are only for front doors. If you only have one room to yourself in the entire house, an animal door handle is a pretty cool addition. These marine-themed handles are definitely the coolest animal bedroom ideas in this blog.

Animal bedroom ideas: doorstops

Finally, if you want to welcome people into your animal themed bedroom, you’ll need to keep the door open for guests! There are so many different animal doorstops out there, the classic being the heavy sand-filled dogs and cats you get in almost any home-furniture in the world. However, if you’re looking for something you’re less like to trip over, then have a look for some animal peg doorstops!

Thanks for caring about the planet and it’s beautiful animals,

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