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10% of sales donated to animal conservation

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new collection | 10% DONATED to the little fireface project

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Each animal design is printed on products made only of sustainable materials


Every single Pigments by Liv sustainable goodie is made to order to prevent waste.


All goodies are shipped in plastic-free packaging. Any plastic we use is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Meet Liv | Pigments by Liv

Hello, I'm liv!

Artist, founder & nature-lover

First and foremost, thank you for popping by, it’s so nice to meet you! As you’ve probably figured out I am the human behind Pigments by Liv. I am also the artist behind each individual animal design!

A girl with a paintbrush trying to do what I can for animal conservation. Over the past year I’ve learned so much about the natural world, and I try to put all this knowledge into each and every animal designs. Like a secret message just for animal lovers!


Chats with Conservationists | Sustainable Living Tips | Behind the Designs 


From studying reptiles in Tenerife, to volunteering at Chester zoo, and working on the Primate and Predator Project in South Africa! Find out how Sandi pursued what she loved: the practical side of animal conservation.


Have you seen the new Pigments by Liv Honeybee collection? This collection is about the importance of biodiversity, social and climate justice. Let’s start with how are bees helping elephants?


Tackling a sea of plastic. In this month’s Chats with Conservationists series we meet Emily, a fundraising officer for Whale and Dolphin Conservation!

supporting animal conservation

10% of every sale is donated to specially selected wildlife charities to support the planet’s biodiversity.

Limited animal collections

Each animal collection is limited to a very small number. This is to remind us that once animals are gone, they’re gone forever.

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